Business Travel Accommodation

Collaborative consumption at the service of business travel

Rental of studio, apartment, apart hotel in the cities of business trips

  • Cheaper than hotels

    Cheaper than hotels

    With 100% business services

  • Accommodation rated by stars

    Accommodation rated by stars

    Based on objective comfort and equipment criteria

  • Safety of owners and tenants

    Safety of owners and tenants

    Thanks to our inclusive insurances

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Flat Flat 27m² 1 bedroom - Paris

Indicative price 101 € Add to favorites

 27 m2 Bedrooms 1 Bedding 4 Bathrooms  1
Flat Flat 75m² 2 bedrooms - Amsterdam

Indicative price 214 € Add to favorites

 75 m2 Bedrooms 2 Bedding 4 Bathrooms  1
Flat Suresnes, 15min. Porte Maillot

Indicative price 89 € Add to favorites

 30 m2 Bedrooms 0 Bedding 2 Bathrooms  1
Flat  70m² 2 bedrooms - BARCELONA

Indicative price 151 € Add to favorites

 70 m2 Bedrooms 2 Bedding 6 Bathrooms  1